Source code for downward.cached_revision

import subprocess

from lab import tools
from lab.cached_revision import CachedRevision

[docs] class CachedFastDownwardRevision(CachedRevision): """This class represents Fast Downward checkouts. It provides methods for caching compiled revisions, so they can be reused quickly in different experiments. """ def __init__(self, revision_cache, repo, rev, build_options, subdir=""): """ * *revision_cache*: Path to revision cache. * *repo*: Path to Fast Downward repository. * *rev*: Fast Downward revision. * *build_options*: List of options. * *subdir*: relative path from *repo* to Fast Downward subdir. """ CachedRevision.__init__( self, revision_cache, repo, rev, ["./"] + build_options, exclude=["experiments", "misc"], subdir=subdir, ) # Store for easy retrieval by class users. self.build_options = build_options def _cleanup(self): # Only keep the bin directories in "builds" dir. for path in self.path.glob("builds/*/*"): if != "bin": tools.remove_path(path) # Remove unneeded files. tools.remove_path(self.path / "") # Strip binaries. binaries = [] for path in self.path.glob("builds/*/bin/*"): if in ["downward", "preprocess"]: binaries.append(path) subprocess.check_call(["strip"] + binaries) # Compress src directory. subprocess.check_call( ["tar", "--remove-files", "--xz", "-cf", "src.tar.xz", "src"], cwd=self.path )